To find the right Reverb can be tough sometimes. It is either you don’t have the right one on board or you have to many choices? I try to experiment and use different Reverbs with different environments, instruments and production needs.  Like you know, we are always interested in your opinion to address our content even better and get your input to share it with the community. The great participation rate on questions make the blog really vital and much more effective for all users. Please comment:

1.Which is your favorite Reverb and why?

2.What do you like better PlugIn or Outboard?

3.Which Reverb do you use for Vocal treatment?

4.Which Reverb you like most for radio Imaging?

I love the Arts Acoustic Reverb, but there is also the old outboard stuff I really dig like the Lexicon 480 L, which is still state of the art in many studios.

  1. Matthieu says:

    I always use the Trueverb from Waves. I use it on my voice over stuff in a auxiliary track or in audiosuite to create a phantom effect on a voice (reverse a voice, apply a large reverb & reverse again your voice)…
    I know how it works, and it’s really easy for me to quicly configure this reverb. Few parameters but the essential.
    I also have the rennaissance reverb (Rverb), when I want to change my sound a little bit, but for me the reverb isn’t the A tools to create a personnal sound… I’m wrong ? It’s just a clue in the middle of much more freaky effect…
    I also try to play with the reverb of McDsp called revolver it’s a great tools like all the McDsp plug’ins. But unfortunately I didn’t have it on my pro tools.
    If I would try another reverb today it could be the Lexicon. They looks pretty usefull. But I never had to test them.
    I always use soft reverb & never hardware reverb tools

  2. jamesstodd says:

    In an old studio, we used to have a rackmounted Lexiverb unit. That had some amazing sounds. As did an old Yamaha unit – the SPX 990

    In fact, I think it was a similar unit to the ones found inside desks like Yamahas o2R.

    With plug ins – it’s harder. But reverbs tend to be better on ProTools than some of the really cheap sounding reverb on other platforms.

    When I last had a TDM / HD system at Capital, I used to love Reverb 1. And I seem to remember there was also a good TC electronics Reverb plug too.

  3. Nic Kelly says:

    I love my RVerb, it’s very universal and I use it on anything from voice, music, fx, etc. Really good for doing those cool reverse reverbs.
    I put the New York Plate preset in the TrueVerb plugin on every voice track I use. It’s my best friend, it never fails on rounding out those voice tracks and giving them some more stereo presence.

  4. Waves Renaissance RVerb. I use it on EVERY piece I produce. It can be super subtle, but it can also do amazing things. It is my absolute favorite. And when ya pair it with the L3, you can almost duplicate the sound you would get from outboard gear such as the aphex dominator and an outboard reverb unit.