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Another week, another freebie to get your hands on! Get some free benztown santa samples!

[youtube] Happy Valentine’s Day to all our lovely blog readers!!! WE LOVE YOU! We know not many of us can be as romantic as Gary, who found his great love today as you can see above. But our SFX-Diggers Konrad and Max gave their best and did a brainstorm on which sounds to record […]

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All the peeps, who met me in Berlin, know what I am talking about. My voice is totally gone, which is super frustrating as I met so many old friends and colleagues and had a hard time to talk. What means talk… I try, but my voice keeps fading away. That’s why Gary has to […]

You all know this little guy, he was taking over the Imaging on 1200 stations worldwide in the last 3 years. His name is Gary and he is the most interesting Imaging Director in the world. He even has his own commercial. AND HERE IS HOW YOU GET THE MOST INTERESTING IMAGING DIRECTOR IN THE […]