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I got introduced to Albert by Scott, but was following him on soundcloud for a while before, especially impressed by the beatmixes he was doing. Of course I picked the chance to shoot Albert my rapid fire questions. Learn why research is so important (SIDE NOTE ANDY: Totally agree, prep is everything) and what PlugIN […]

Hi guys, it’s Andre. It’s now my 37th week here at Benztown. Since 37 weeks, I’m learning from the pros at Benztown and our guest authors from all over the world, which are sharing their wisdom and experience with us all through this blog. Since 37 weeks, I’m doing my bit by sharing my experience […]

Here’s a worst case scenario: It’s the day after the Oscars and you’ve got no production elements on air. No samples, no matching Musicbeds, no Promos, no Sweepers. In short: You messed it up totally! Your PD will freak out and he is right! How could this happen? Why did you miss that date? Sure […]

Do you remember Andre, the first winner of our Xmas Contest? – No? Well, here’s his story: Andre, a young guy living near Stuttgart, participated in our contest. He is young, motivated and really willing to learn, so we gave him a chance for a placement at Benztown. He is cooking coffee, taking calls and […]