Time flies and our content does too. It can happen easily to loose overview about all the posts and content we already did and I got asked more and more about tutorials again. Meanwhile I create new ones, here is some great stuff from the past.

I listed the best Imaging Tips from 2013 – Throwback Thursday on a Wednesday!

Become the King of Mashups or Mixing In Key

How to create Acapellas with Phase Cancellation

The Mysterious Lock of the Shuffle Mode

Region Looping in Pro Tools

Stereo Imaging

Second Automation Track in Pro Tools

Compress it NYC Style – Parallel Compression

Switch to mono while mixing

Double Check Tab To Transient

Talkbox Magic

Consolidate and Elastic Audio fit together

Get Some Accents: Simple Reverb Mixing

Widen Up Your Sound with AIR Stereo Width

Overview of all Pro Tools Shortcuts

Adding that little extra on an already mastered Songs

A Producer’s Guide for traveling – Prepare sessions for Travelling

Create your own Deesser with a Multiband Comp

Analyzing and making room for your VO

Get Your VO on a constant level – Compression or Automation

Jan’s VO Chain for Classic Hits

  1. Andre says:

    Hey guys, awesome tutorials you got here! I’ve been learning a lot from this website and I can’t thank enough for all the knowledge shared from all of you talented producers.

    I was wondering if you guys would mind doing a post on master bus compression and limiting for Radio production( I know there was one but there isn’t much info in there). In particular, how much gain reduction do you go for and the attack, release and ratios on the compressor most people use and what kind of RMS do you try to achieve in the overall mix?

    Thanks again!

    Best wishes to all the team.

    • benztownbranding says:

      Thanks for your feedback, Andre!
      A compression/limiting post is a nice idea! We’ll definitely think about it!