Guys, I am proud to announce we have found this years contender.

In a very close vote he made his way to the ring and will face Dan Kelly, Creative Services Director of WPLJ/NYC and reigning Iron Imager on April 3rd in The Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood/LA. MEET the brave Brady Goodman, Imaging Director of 99.7 The Point (KZPT-FM/Kansas City).

Check out this creativity!

I am looking forward to see you and the NEW Iron IMAGER 2014 @ WWRS.


  1. Steve C says:

    What exactly is “Creative” about this? Sounds like 99000 CHR IDs I’ve heard before. You took lyrics and wrote words around them. And dropping “I love this station” randomly is completely meaningless.

    Also, WORST publicity/head-shot ever. The mic is a gun? Seriously? Remember when Prince id that in the 90s? That image is reflective of the sound of this uncreative ID. Sounds like 90s all over again. Lazers and everything.

    • George Gazetis says:

      The promo for me is good! Not overloaded by sfx as the other comment describe! Good play with script and music. Good work by the producer! I didnt feel the 90’s concept at all!

  2. So steve, i am looking forward to your entry…i am sure you would do far better. i will love to post your audio….and start a discussion…