He recently won the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs voting. He’s on tour all over the world in the biggest clubs. Every track he works on, becomes a worldwide chart hit. He’s the most popular and successful DJ/Producer in Pop and Electronic Music at the moment. You know who I am talking about ….who’s that b****….Yeah. David Guetta!

Today, me and Oli my partner and head of composing at Benztown, show you how to create pumping beats like David Guetta. All you need is a compressor that is able to sidechain. Enter The Sidechain Prince Pt.2!

David Guetta Beats for your production! Check David’s personalized Benztown Intro :).

[vimeo 31379730]

  1. Pete says:

    Cool trick! And that’s why you ARE the captain 😉

  2. Chris Fotne says:

    You could also send the audio from the drum track pre-fader to the bus and automate mutes on the main fader.