Welcome to the most inspiring job post in the world.  It’s not to be a greenkeeper at the Playboy mansion, but for a hungry, motivated imaging pro, we think it will be far better.

Our vision is for YOU to join the team at the Benztown Studios in Stuttgart.  Working alongside some of the best composers, VO talents, and radio people in the world, you will be creating unbelievable, world-class imaging and sound design for a brand new Benztown Library.  We see the following taking place:

1. You develop into one of the worlds leading and most innovative imaging professionals by delivering unmatched quality and sound for Benztown clients.
2. You transform your skill-set and reputation to reach beyond radio imaging, to include composing, writing, VO, etc.  If you’re talented, you’ll be learning it.
3. You work as part of a great team composed of different expertise and massive talent.
4. You contribute your own weekly blog post on Benztown Branding’s blog, and share ideas with a forum of more than 2000 radio and imaging people each week.

To sum it up in one sentence….Benztown Branding wants a hungry, motivated, rising star in the world of radio imaging to grab his/her once in a lifetime opportunity to build a new project from the ground up, and make it one of the most successful radio imaging products in the world.

Desired qualities:

– Extremely motivated and unafraid to take on a massive task
– You eat, sleep, and breathe radio imaging
– Creative, dynamic thinker
– Able to grasp and apply new techniques and concepts quickly
– Have a background in radio
– You are able to work collaboratively in a team environment
– Native English Speaker

Please send to as@benztown.com

– Your bio
– A demo of your best imaging work, no longer than 2:30 minutes.  Please include the most creative imaging script you’ve written as well.
– A short essay about why you think you’re THE guy for this opportunity
– Feel free to create a custom audio demo about why you want the job, or anything you think will place you above the competition

  1. m santos says:

    woah…someone jump on this NOW!!! good luck!

  2. Andrew says:

    Wow ! …. (no words)…

  3. Paul Duffy says:

    You’ve found him, in at the airport waiting on yas, let’s do this, ha ha lol.. Seriously this is quite special, like the previous comments, WOW!!!

  4. Brionne Olsen says:

    When is the deadline for this?

  5. Brionne Olsen says:

    My CV is in on Monday dude!! Most def applying!

  6. Awesome Imager says:

    Is this job in Germany only? Or would you be willing to hire someone who works from the States?

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  8. Neil Wilson says:

    If only I didn’t think all my imaging sucked! LOL!

  9. yunika says:

    One piece wanted