For all who missed it….Here is the screencap video of the first ever benztown webinar – My promise: A screen shot festival!

Learn about Session Setup & Routing, VO Treatment, EQing, Compression, Aux PlugINs and and and. Check Multiple Format Imaging Superstar Mike Santos explain his ProTools and Adobe settings + all the screencaps and written instruction (Benztown_webinar_RyanDrean) from benztown country imaging director Ryan Drean and some stuff from me as well.

Mike and I wanna say thank you for your time and if you have ideas for the next webinar, please send to

[vimeo 25224821]

Here’s the download link to the video (you have to wait a few seconds):

  1. Pete says:

    The video doesn’t seem to work… neither play or download. Any suggestions?

  2. Pete says:

    Wooo! It’s working now, thanks 🙂