A few weeks ago I met the legendary Val Garay in Los Angeles and had an awesome dinner on the strip. What I didn’t know is that Val is not just famous for all the great records he produced in the 70s and 80s, he is also the engineer who used the Aural Exciter back in the days on almost every record he did and is now the face of the waves signitaure series for it. Check out the entire interview with Val about the Aphex Vinatge Aural Exciter.

So what’s in it for you? I propose you to turn on your studio speakers and listen to both VO tracks I prepared for you. YOU will be blown away

I use one Voice File from Harry with the exact same processing to demonstarte the magic poppin in by using this plugIn. I tweaked Val’s Preset t a little to my needs. Check out the screen caps and the audio – feel the difference!

Here’s the edit window with twice the same file from Harry.

Here’s Harry without the Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter:

And here’s Harry with the Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter:

For Pascal, I’ve uploaded both VO files in track. See if you can hear the difference…

There are tons of possibilities to get this magic feeling by using the Aural Exciter on your vocals, vo, master or on solo instruments while creating music. I usually don’t recommend plugINs so often, but this one is worth to check out, if you want to add some brilliance to your (music) production, VO talent or else. The Aphex Vinatge Aural Exciter is a powerful tool to make your production stand out! BE careful……you’ll get addicted!

  1. sorry to say, but I hear NO difference between the 2 files … 🙁

  2. will upload a for pascal a / b version in one track in a sec, so you will here 🙂

  3. Pete says:

    Vintage aural exciter is a wonderful plugin. It creates some subtle hamonics that don’t affect the volume of the track or mix, it rather gives some extra clarity and brilliance.
    One must be careful not overdo it of course. On the other side, I like to use Aphex “optical big bottom” on some Vo’s – this can move walls if You want to 🙂

    You can check Tubeohm’s T-Xciter too, I find it pretty good as a VST alternative to hardware Aphex.


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  6. Kaz says:

    I can hear a difference, but it is very subtle. This is probably because the original has decent quality with lots of high end. I think that if a very light wide-band boost above around 5 kHz were added to the original, it would not be distinguishable from the “excited” version. But of course a boost cannot restore highs that are not there; whereas the exciter can.