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Only a few days left until the Olympic Winter Games 2014 start in Sochi… And as Oli and I experienced the cold weather is hardly to imagine if your based in Germany or California. So how can we create a Winter Olympics and also typical Russian atmosphere for some unreal “Sochi-Imaging”? This were the Ideas of our team @benztown. (Side NOTE Andy : This kind of strategy will work with almost any event you want your station to own…)

Winter Sports Beds and Drones

As an inspiration for our beds we digged into the music of official Sochi 2014 trailers and of the big olympic opening ceremonies from the past and tweaked it to the various formats. For the drones, we tried to build some scenes with SFX… like combining heavy breathing, skiing sounds and crowd cheers to rebuild a “in helmet”-perspective from a downhill athlete.

Russian Voice Samples and Beds

Our friend Sergey recorded a great russian voice over for us. And our multi instrumentalist Shane created a Bed in style of russian folk dances!

Winter Sports 

To create SFX, Konrad and Max (our new trainee) went out for field recordings and did some recordings in our studio. They recorded a lot of stuff and in one of our next posts they’ll show you how they did it and tell you about our experiences, while editing and treating the recorded files.

Your Ideas?

What do you us for your Winter Olympic Imaging? Please leave your comments below.

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