This year, we’re allowing our readers to get in on the voting process. Below are the 3 top-voted promos from the First Round. Listen to all 3, then make your selection based on:

  • Overall Presentation
  • Technique
  • Originality




NOTE: The readers’ vote will count collectively as one single vote, and thus be weighted accordingly. This poll will not necessarily decide the outcome of Iron Imager 1025 Round 1.

  1. Kelsey Lehman says:


  2. Keron Hector says:

    By far … Deff Mixx nailed this …. extremely creative … very “out of the box” and not the regular, common way of putting imaging together …..

  3. Speedy says:

    DEFFF MIXXX is the clear winner here!!!! The creativity is off the charts!!!! Listen to those transitions and stutter effects!

  4. Clint Bilhete says:

    For sure..