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That’s right, we’ve got the original MattyFM demo reels – and without giving too much away, we think they’re pretty solid for a first effort! Matty has bravely provided us (and our professional critics) with two demos, produced using Benztown’s very own Country and Hot AC imaging libraries. Week by week they will be broken […]

While this post doesn’t necessarily pertain DIRECTLY to voice-over, it certainly pertains to radio, which is Benztown’s bread and butter. Plus….you’ll DIG the photo gallery! A few of us flew down to Dallas last week to attend the 2012 Radio Show, hosted by our good friends at the National Association of Broadcasters and the Radio […]

This exclusive interview with voice-over coach Marc Cashman was provided by our good friend Harry Legg. It was over a decade ago that I made the transition from a radio guy to a serious VO artist.  After many years behind the mic in my radio career, I still had a lot to learn when it […]

Every job has secrets and things that make jobs a little easier and better.  Take a look at this article, written by the incredible Susan Berkley called “Top 6 ‘Best Practices’ for Productive Voice Over Practice Sessions,” and let us know what you think. Anything to add to the list? We’re all ears! Leave your […]