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We’ve got a very interesting subject this month: an exposé on a new online casting or “pay-to-play” website—Voice Jockeys—that’s lowering the low bar already set by these sites.  I received an email from this company that was soliciting voice talent.  Their rates for payment were utterly ridiculous, and their contract was outrageous. I immediately contacted […]

Benztown’s old friend Harry Legg is coming back at you with more of….”The Harry Truth!” Do you process your VO trax before you give them to the client?  In many radio station production studios your mic is already routed through the station mic processor and there may or may not be much you can do […]

Hello to our shining stars! This came across my desk last week, so I thought I’d pass it along….good luck! Remember what you’ve learned here 😉 SparkNet Communications, which licenses and markets the successful JACKFM format, is looking for radio’s best professional voice talent for a brand new dynamic format to be nationally syndicated through Benztown. […]

So, you’re determined to make it big in the VO industry? You’ve created your demo, sent it to agencies, taken voice-acting classes and are confident, eager and ready to go…and now you’re just playing the waiting game? Well, while you wait for that ‘big break’ phone call here’s a tip that’s seemingly obvious yet often […]

Marc Cashman is BACK! And he’s answering more of your questions. If you have any specific VO questions and wish to be advised by the ever knowledgeable Mr Cashman, you can email him at! Q: I’m an actor, basketball announcer and emcee, and have been on air for seven years. I take voice and […]