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The Harry Truth: No Excuses

Posted: 21st November 2014 by benztownvoiceover in Regular Features, The HARRY Truth

As I write this, I struggle with what type of tone I want to take… Part of me says to be nice and simply offer my advice – another part of me says to give some people a good kick in the ass… So, maybe I’ll land somewhere in between. If you’re reading this, you […]

What radio VO work have you done in the past? I started my career as an intern in Boston while at Boston University. Getting on air in a major market with zero experience was kind of tough so I started branching out to smaller markets nearby like Rhode Island and Cape Cod. As my resume […]

  What do you love about working as a freelance VO talent? That I get to spend the day in a quiet house while the kids are at school, just me and our dog ‘Buddy’, without my two boys fighting or asking me to cook them something! Plus the fact that I can be as busy […]