About this Blog

By benztownvoiceover

This blog exists for the following reasons:

To make all of us better at what we do or want to do by sharing ideas, creative solutions, VO production tricks and techniques by top VO artists from around the world.

This blog offers  real content. No more – no less.

Whether you’re a newcomer to the voice-over business, a legendary VO artist or a radio DJ, this blog will help you save time & improve your skills….enhancing the overall quality of your work.

The goal is to focus on content that could be used in your daily life as a VO artist. It could be delivered via video tutorials, pictures, posts, graphics, interviews….It is about spreading ideas, creating something magic and being inspired.

Benztown voice-over blog offers different styles of content from the production and VO pros at Benztown Branding (http://www.benztownbranding.com) and our international friends and leaders in the radio and broadcasting industry.

From a video tutorial for the correct setup of your gear, to processing tricks and new plugins – from daily work overload to creative solutions, to guest posts in various columns and cost-effective VO booth tips. Leading content from VO talents and producers the world over! This blog will improve your VO work and is a useful source of background knowledge in a variety of fields related to your daily work environment.

So check out the latest videos, share the content with your friends, post comments and feedback or send us your pics, videos or youtube links (blog@benztown.com) so we can share your skills, ideas, tricks and tips with the community. Subscribe to the blog TODAY and get 5 Benztown VO settings for free, used by the biggest Imaging and VO Talents in the world.

Today’s world is about connecting and networking, about improving and learning. It’s an offer you simply cannot refuse – go for it!

Let’s rock!

Andy, Chachi, & the entire Benztown team