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Grabbed this from the YouTube channel of  voice-over talent Ross Huguet. It’s a pretty rare glimpse into one of the great voice actors of all time. Check out @ 19:20 – Radio DJ’s trying to get into voice-over. [youtube=]

It opens in LA and NYC on August 9th…then more cities the following weekend. Finally…a full feature film about the wild & wonderful world that is voice-over. In A World looks hilarious, is loaded with celeb cameos, and will probably poke some good fun at the industry’s quirks…..and it’s already gotten acclaim at Sundance Film Festival! […]

Oh…did I just drop that name? Here, let me pick that up. You heard it right folks…Benztown’s roster of top-notch voice-over & imaging talent has just gone up yet another notch with the addition of Joe Cipriano! Now his VO chops will be available for barter to radio stations across the US. Not to mention […]

Now that the elections have passed, we can all breathe a sigh of relief from the bombardment of negative political ads. Fox 10 News in Phoenix recently tracked down one of the VO guys who does these ads for a living….every 2-4 years. He’s the guy that can make an ordinary citizen seem like the […]

In a world…where anything is possible…success in the VO business still eludes us… We hope you read that in a ‘Don LaFontaine’ voice – but how about try reading it with a female voice instead? Do you think it has the same impact? After doing a little research this week we thought it’d be interesting […]

It takes a lot of time, effort and practice to transform into a Grade A vocal talent. To those starting out, you’re just learning the basics and beginning to provide your services to gain experience. To those who have been in the industry for years,you know all the tricks of the trade and the amount […]

Welcome back! I’ve got some photos from the Conclave, as well as “The Interesting Voice-Over Artist in the World,” which was used to warm up the crowd before our panel 😉 If you haven’t yet, please be sure and catch the panel in its entirety in last week’s post: Conclave Recap – The Voice-Over Edge and […]

This year at The 37th annual Conclave Learning Conference, Benztown welcomed broadcasters and students as an official sponsor. The highlight of our sponsorship was our Voice-Over Panel. We assembled an all-star panel of innovators in the world of voice-over who spoke to the topic of “The Voice-Over Edge—and How to Get It”. Attendees had the […]

Don LaFontaine – The Voice

Posted: 31st May 2012 by benztownvoiceover in Videos
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There can’t be a Blog about voice-over without mentioning Don LaFontaine – the biggest and most famous VO talent in our world. With more than 5,000 recorded movie trailers, there is no chance you couldn’t have heard his voice. Terminator, Cast Away, Batman Returns, The Simpsons, just to mention a few. Trailers, commercials, announcements – […]

Hi guys, it’s time to start our video category with a great guide for beginners which want to enter the world of VO. VO talent, coach and producer Brian Thon shows you what equipment you need, where to get it and how to set it up. A cool overview for everyone interested in getting starter with […]