Keepin’ It Fresh 2.0 with Marice Tobias

Posted: 1st April 2019 by benztownvoiceover in Uncategorized

Keepin’ It Fresh 2.0 with Marice Tobias was a hoot! ICYMI, the legendary Marice Tobias came by our Benztown HQ in Glendale to graciously lead a voiceover master class as a kick off to WWRS (World Wide Radio Summit). We had a full house with 15 attendees and another 10 who streamed the class online if they couldn’t sneak out of their caves.

Marice Tobias Keepin It Fresh

Last year we offered this with Marice during the week of WWRS so we thought it would be great to offer it up again after so many people showed interest in Keepin’ it Fresh! Let’s face it, burn out is a real thing in any industry especially in the voiceover biz and we recognized a need to help keep our extremely talented VO freshest as can be. Plus, there aren’t a lot of opportunities for VO to spend time together.

During the masterclass, the attendee extraordinaires worked on improving their delivery with coaching and feedback from Marice who had them deliver liners in our studio, listen to them and then have them re-record once they’ve received feedback. There is always room for improvement and really just freshin’ things up.

Huge thanks to Marice for hosting the workshop and to everyone who attended. We can’t wait to do it again next year!


Marice Tobias Keepin it Fresh 2.0 Benztown

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