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When Howard Stern, NBC, Capital Radio London, HBO, Fox News, MTV, PBS, Showtime, and Starz along with local Radio and TV affiliates wanted to cut through the imaging clutter with a distinctive impactful VO, they came to John Hunerlach in New York City. You’ve heard John on promos for HBO Sports, Dirty Jobs, PBS series, Starz, […]

Oh…did I just drop that name? Here, let me pick that up. You heard it right folks…Benztown’s roster of top-notch voice-over & imaging talent has just gone up yet another notch with the addition of Joe Cipriano! Now his VO chops will be available for barter to radio stations across the US. Not to mention […]

In a world…where anything is possible…success in the VO business still eludes us… We hope you read that in a ‘Don LaFontaine’ voice – but how about try reading it with a female voice instead? Do you think it has the same impact? After doing a little research this week we thought it’d be interesting […]